Sunday, December 19, 2010

Code Enforcement Abuse in California

Hi, My name is Bob Morris and I would like to tell my story in my own words about the following abuse that I have taken from land use services/code enforcement located at 385 N. Arrowhead Av. San Bernardino,  Ca.
This is a true story as it happened in the unincorporated part of  the County of San Bernardino.

I’ve been a contractor for 38 years and always wanted to build my wife and myself a dream house, our children are all grown. We have scrimped and saved all our adult lives to accomplish this dream.  We sold our old house about 7 years ago and decided to build a house the way that we wanted it, a lifetime dream coming true, we were so excited about being able to do this. Finding just the right property to spend the rest of our lives together on.
Off I went to the land use services offices ( I should have known something was wrong at that time due to the lavishness of their offices) went to the counter and paid for the Permit fees, not only to build our home, but also our storage barn building. I submitted my detailed blue prints to them and was told that I would not be able to erect the barn until our house was finalled. The monies that had been allocated were tight. The cost of concrete was$55.00 per yard at that time. So I went ahead and built my house which took the better part of a year to final. I submitted my plans for the barn, that already had used up a year (do to having been delayed in building it}. The planning dept took another 6 mo. to ok the building of it. By this time, building costs have sky rocketed to  2 or 3 times the amount that I budgeted for. The price of concrete was now going $135.00 per yard.  I went to the planning dept and asked for an extension of time…..6 mo’s. My new building lay on the ground rotting for a year and a half.
Code enforcement came by and wrote our building up as junk and trash. I went to see my supervisor from the County of San Bernardino (Paul Biane) and was told that I wouldn’t be able to talk to him as it was none of the county supervisors business to deal with code enforcement. During the 6 mo extention, the economy went into a recession. I went back to planning and tried to get another 6 mo’s extention and was told that I wasn’t able to get one. I was told that I would have to buy another permit for $1,875.00 and go through the process all over if I wanted to put our building up. Shortly after that, I received a Citation to pay a fine ($400.00)for Junk and trash(our building). I didn’t get to talk to a judge, have a hearing, or have due process.I thought that my Constitution guarantees me of this. A month later my fine is ($600.00). Doesn’t this sound like extortion? I live in the country. I only have (1) neighbor thats close to me,  over a 1,000 ft away. I’m not wanting sympathy from reading this sad story. I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this from these despotic power mongers any more. Even people that live in Mexico retain more individual rights the we have. Had enough of their B.S.? contact me at :
 This is nationwide wide movement since I first wrote this, We now have coordinators all over this great nation of ours, Type in your state followed by    ie,(
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